april, 2014

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A Deeper Look at Person-Centered Care


Are You an Adult Daughter Providing Care for Your Mother with Dementia?


Our Mission

At Sage Solutions, we are experts in the field of aging and highly trained in a multitude of holistic and complementary therapies. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to work with older adults using a combination of skills within the realm of aging and memory impairment, coupled with educated application of alternative modalities aimed at increasing quality of life and well being.

Our mission is simple, yet profound: we believe that everyone deserves a life worth living. This is our guiding principle and it permeates everything we do and every breath we take.

We believe that whether the elder lives in their own home in the community or resides in a skilled or assisted facility, they deserve the opportunity, the chance, to have a life that is truly worth living. We believe this to be true whether the older adult is cognitively intact, or is deeply entrenched with memory impairment.

We supplement the support and socialization provided in the assisted and skilled facility environments as well as provide solutions to the loneliness and isolation that often occurs while residing in the community.

With mindfulness and compassion, we strive to deeply know the elder. This is accomplished through thoughtful, caring and creative assessment of the older adult and their environment. We learn strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, hopes, dreams – and preferences – down to their favorite color. We then carefully and patiently craft strategies and solutions – uniquely customized – one elder at a time. No two plans – like no two elders – are ever the same.


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